Centrale del Latte Brescia
Organic Mascarpone Cheese

Organic Mascarpone Cheese


Centrale organic Mascarpone cheese is made from Italian organically produced milk and cream.
Organic production involves raising animals respecting their natural necessities and feeding them with biological hay and cereals.
Compliance with organic farming parameters are guaranteed by BIOAGRICERT.

It is a butter-colored, soft and delicate cream-style cheese produced by coagulation of cream, made of two simple ingredients: cream and lactic acid.
Mascarpone has a mild taste, making it an ideal base for many different dishes and can incorporate a variety of flavors and ingredients. More commonly mascarpone is known for being a main ingredient in the delicious Italian dessert Tiramisu.

Nice to know: Centrale del Latte di Brescia has been the first ever in Italy to produce organic mascarpone cheese!
Energy1891 kJ - 459 kcal
Fat47.7 g
of which saturates32.5 g
Carbohydrates2.8 g
of which sugars2.8 g
Protein4.7 g
Salt0.06 g
Calcium150 mg (19% V.N.R.)